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Are your Employees using Personal Numbers for Work? Why that’s a Bad Idea

Posted by Joseph A. Smith on Oct 6, 2020 10:41:15 AM 3 minute read

In June 2020, 32% of office workers worked from home full time. Another 51% reported that they worked from home at least one day per week (the most common being three days a week). There is a lot of uncertainty about what the workplace of the future will look like, but it’s clear it will involve remote work. The rapid transition to remote work brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way that we work and increased business owners’ need for flexible, mobile tech solutions. 

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Yealink CP 920 IP, the newest One Talk Conference Phone

Posted by Joseph A. Smith on Sep 10, 2018 4:46:15 PM 2 minute read

Oh, the conference room. Where we gather the whole team together to run down the numbers and to assess our latest projects. Where we invite in clients and potential partners for presentations and coffee. Where we digitally host those who can't fly in that morning.

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Why digital is your secret weapon: 5 essential enterprise-level tools for SMBs

Posted by Joseph A. Smith on Jul 5, 2018 8:34:39 AM 4 minute read

The shift to digital has been going on for decades now. With so many transitions and changes in processes, behavior and expectations, keeping up can be tough for SMBs when you feel like you're always competing with the corporate giant. How can you keep up with a corporation with a marketing department bigger than your whole team? When they're utilizing sophisticated technology to streamline customer's experience with apps and other fancy bells and whistles?

Here's what you can do. You can let yourself be intimidated by the digital shift, or you can embrace the future and outfit your company with the best customized tools that will enable you to leverage your size as a strength. 

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Can you explain 5G? A breakdown.

Posted by Joseph A. Smith on May 24, 2018 11:48:05 AM 4 minute read

The biggest buzz in the telecommunications world today is around 5G. With Verizon rolling out 5G in cities across American in 2018, the increasing abandonment of copper infrastructure, and the move towards digital across the board, it's something we've got to be paying attention to. And it's exciting, because better connectivity means good things for Verizon One Talk sales as the idea of transferring your landline to fiber is catching on. But do we really understand what 5G means, other than that it's the next best thing? Or more importantly, do you understand what it means but struggle to explain it to others?

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